Microsoft Showcase School

Microsoft Showcase School

Year 2015 - 2016

The Westminster School was selected by Microsoft as a 2015-2016 Microsoft Showcase School for its excellence in transforming its learning environment to deliver more personalized education to students, using mobile and cloud technology to better prepare students for success in the workplace.

TWS  joins an exclusive community of over 400 premier schools from around the world, recognized to celebrate their truly pioneering efforts and innovation in rethinking teaching, learning and assessment in order to drive deep 21st century competencies.

Year 2016-2017

Ten Educators from The Westminster School, Dubai Selected as Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert with 1 MIE Fellow

Recognized as global leader in using technology to transform education

The Westminster School, Dubai continues as Microsoft Showcase School with 1 MIE Fellow, Ms Shyni Sudheer and 10MIEExpert for the year 2016-2017 leading hand in hand in showcasing with the elite group of 54 Schools in UAE, 4 schools in GEMS and 851 schools around the globe.


Ten Educators Ms Prabha Kamalakannan(Math Faculty), Lakshmi Manoj(English Faculty), Edberg Soans(Chemistry Faculty), Dr Shanthi S(Chemistry Faculty), Shabana Kamal, Zabiha khatun, Serena Pereira(Primary Faculty) along with last year’s MIEE Ms D.M.J Vinothini(Head of Subject, Chemistry), Ms  Bini Shah(Head of teaching &learning, Primary) and Ms Shyni Sudheer(Digital Leader)was announced as a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert joining the 54 educators from UAE and more than 4,800 educators in the MIE Expert program worldwide. Each year, Microsoft selects innovative educators to share ideas, try new approaches and learn from each other as a global community dedicated to improving student outcomes through technology. 

As an MIE Expert, educators build their capacity for using technology in both the classroom and curriculum to improve student learning, advise Microsoft and educational institutions on how to integrate technology in pedagogically sound ways and be an advocate at conferences, events and trainings for how Microsoft technology can improve learning.

“Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts are inspiring examples of educators applying new ways of teaching and learning in their classrooms that motivate students and empower them to achieve more,” said Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Worldwide Education, Microsoft. “We celebrate and support the work they do every day!”