Absenteeism Policy

Absenteeism Policy

Leave and Absence

  1. In all cases of absence, parents/guardians should notify the class teacher through the Student Planner or on GLG.
  2. Prior sanction must be sought from the Principal through a written application, in case of absence exceeding three days.
  3. To meet the promotion criteria, 95% attendance is compulsory.
  4. Approved Leave (excused leave):
    • Absence due to Medical reasons

      Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases must refrain from attending the school until the completion of the quarantine period. They will not be permitted to attend school until they produce a Medical Certificate of clearance.

    • Chicken Pox - Students may return to school after 10 to 14 days. (Provided the scabs have fallen off).
    • Mumps - Students may return to school when swelling has subsided.
    • Umrah
    • Hajj
    • Death in the family. All the above to be supported with valid documents.

      Note: Any leave not within the perview of the above mentioned categories will be considered as unexcused absenteeism. Students taking unexcused abstenteeism

  5. Irregularity in attendance will be viewed seriously and insufficient attendance could result in detention at the end of the year as per the procedure mentioned below.