Our Facilities

General Facilities


Covered Play Area

A covered play area for the Kindergarten students provides a safe and secure environment for physical activity under the supervision of experienced teachers. There is separate covered recreation area for the senior students.

Activity Room

The school also has an activity room and an audio-visual room with multi-media facilities, an ideal atmosphere for recreation and learning for the students of the Infant School.


The school has three well-resourced libraries stocked with books, periodicals and a variety of other resources that can be used for research, reference and new learning. Reading is encouraged in students from a very young age, as an independent way to learn and gain knowledge.

Music and Art and Craft Rooms

Art, craft and music rooms encourage students to develop a variety of interests special emphasis is placed on developing student’s appreciation for and involvement in various forms of drama, dance, music, art and craft as a means of self-expression and cultural enrichment.

School Cafeteria

A clean and well stocked canteen sells reasonably priced healthy snacks and drinks during break times. Special care is taken to provide students with options that are healthy, nutritious and balanced. Hygiene and strict quality control of food are a priority.

School Transport

The School has a fleet of 50 air-conditioned buses. The bus routes extend beyond Dubai to the neighbouring Emirates of Sharjah and Ajman.

Medical Care

The School has two well equipped medical rooms in the charge of two doctors supported by three nurses. All cases of injury or illness receive immediate preliminary medical attention. Our medical staff works in close conjunction with the Government of Dubai, Department of Health and Medical Services, Primary Health Care Section.

Books and Uniforms

Prescribed text books, work books and stationary are available at the school store and uniforms can be purchased from the school suppliers.

Sports Facilities

Beyond the development of skills, our sporting facilities support students in their goals of leading healthy and active lifestyles.

There are a wide variety of sports to choose from and the school is able to cater to the individual talents and interests of its students.

Outdoor Sports  Indoor Games 
Athletics Badminton
Basketball Carom
Football Chess
Hockey Gymnastics
Throwball Table Tennis
Volleyball  Cricket

The Westminster School also hosts two major inter- school events every year, The Marathon and the Junior Soccer, in which several schools from the Emirates participate. All these varied activities help develop good team spirit and healthy competition.

Science and Technology

Science and technology play key roles in our student development. We are one of the schools in Dubai that encourages our students to further pursue their learning in these fields of interest.

Our science and technology facilities include:

  • 6 science laboratories (well-equipped for study in Chemistry, Biology and Physics)
  • 5 computer rooms
  • Internet connection
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Multi-media facilities

Our students are encouraged to pursue excellence in all areas of learning. The Westminster School supports their learning journey by providing them with the facilities they need for discovery.  


The school has five computer laboratories with Internet connection and multimedia facilities. Sophisticated audio/visual equipment and resources are extensively used to enhance teaching-learning techniques.

Science Laboratories

Six well-equipped laboratories for  Biology, Chemistry and Physics respectively are part of the Senior School infrastructure.


Gallery of Our Facilities