Digital Citizenship

Embedding digital citizenship curriculum by Common Sense Education

Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of behaviour with regard to the use of technology.  This includes electronic exchange of information, responsibility for electronic actions and deeds, physical safety and well-being in a digital world.

The purpose of embedding digital citizenship curriculum by Common Sense Education in school is to discuss with students the examples of appropriate and inappropriate etiquettes, access to digital content, and electronic communication behaviour and strategies they can adopt to become a better digital citizen.

Common Sense is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to empower students, parents and teachers to thrive in the world of media and technology and support them to harness the positive power of media and technology. Further information about Common Sense can be accessed on the link

The objective for the development of Digital citizenship program in school is to help define students’ behaviour and facilitate the development of well-rounded, technology-savvy students. This will help us in raising an e-generation of kids who think critically, act responsibly, and interact positively in the digital world.