School History

The Westminster School, Dubai, is a Private school founded in 1995 and is located in the Al Qusais Area. It provides education from Foundation Stage to year 13 (3-18 years). The current student population stands at  more than 5000 from over 70 nationalities. This makes the School the largest English curriculum school in the UAE. The School also offers a stimulating learning environment, which allows students to be productive, and open-minded World Citizens and Multi-faceted individuals, well equipped to face the competitive world. 

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority and the Ministry of Education as well as the Cambridge International, Oxford AQA and Pearson Edexcel Boards in the UK recognize the school.

The Westminster School has been acclaimed a Microsoft Showcase school, and a Common Sense  Digital Citizenship Certified school from 2016. This has changed the pattern of  teaching and learning. It has also stimulated the students to hone their skills in the Digital world.

In addition, the School has gained the status of Cambridge Fellowship Centre for Excellence.

As of today, the Dubai Schools Inspection Board rates the school as Good.

An Educational Walk Through the school is a great learning experience for visitors and aspiring Entries.


The Westminster School Leadership Timeline 1995 - 2023


  • The Westminster School was inaugurated and Mr. George Mathews Headmaster took charge of the school.

1996 – 1997

  • Mr. Peter Lugg was appointed Principal and Mr. George Mathews continued as the Head Master.

1998 – 2003

  • Mrs. Esmeralda Vaz was appointed Principal, Mr. Pius Alfonse Headmaster until June 2001. 
  • Mr. Royston Soares replaced Mr. Alfonse as Headmaster till December 2002.
  • Mr. Kingston Gilbert took over as headmaster in January 2003. The supervisors were Mr. George Abraham and Ms. Gloria Calebs for the Senior Girls and Boys and Ms. Ruby Kumar supervisor for the Primary.
  • During Mrs. Vaz’s tenure, the extension to the school was completed in 2001. The Boys’ Section from Years 5-11 was transferred to the First and second floor and the ground floor was occupied by the Kindergarten and the office of the Headmaster. In the original building, the ground floor was given to years 1 to 3, the Girls from 4 to 11 were in the first and second floors with labs, and Computer Rooms with the Music and Art and Craft classes as it is today. 
  • The Sixth Form came into existence and Ms. Neetha Shetty was made the Head. They were accommodated in in 3 classes on the ground floor of the girl’s building.
  •  In 2002, school auditorium was built. In this, the First Graduation ceremony for Boys and Girl’s Year 11 was celebrated. 
  • Also, Supervisors organized Overnight-cum-Day camps; an event which all students eagerly looked forward to.
  • Field Trips and End of Term Class Parties were organized which helped the staff to bond with students.

2003 – 2008

  • Mr. David Morrison was appointed the new Principal and Mr. Kingston Gilbert was the headmaster and later raised to the position of Vice-Principal and Ms. Ruby Kumar became the Headmistress of the Primary School but left the school at the end of 2006. Ms. Meta Das took over as Head of Primary school and remained till 2009.
  • During Mr. Morrison’s term of office, the name Multiplus was given to the auditorium. The construction of boys exclusive building started and Mr. Hugh McPherson Chief Operating Officer of GEMS performed the groundbreaking ceremony and placed a time capsule containing all the currencies in the different denominations of the 22 nationalities in the school. When the block was completed, Boys section was transferred to the new block. 
    Ground floor was shared between Sixth Form and Year 11 classes, along with Office of Examination Officer, Boys Medical Room and the Library. 
    First floor was allotted to Year 9 and 10. 
    Second floor was assigned to Years 7 and 8 that also included an audiovisual room along with Chemistry and Biology Labs.
  • Mr. Morrison also changed the name of the Annual inter-House Athletic Sports Meet to the Annual Inter-House Sports Festival to allow more students to display their talent on Sports Day. While the rest of the School organized their own Sports Days.
  • Mr. Morrison spread the message of a Green School and all classes contributed 4 trees, which they planted outside the school, which are still visible.
  • Class parties and field trips were a regular feature of the school calendar.
  • The Cambridge Fellowship Center was bestowed on the school at a colourful ceremony.
  • In 2006 the school received its first Cambridge Top of the World in Chemistry and the following year 2nd Top of the World in Biology.
  • The highlight of Mr Morrison’s leadership was when Junior Soccer Team brought not only victory but also Chevrolet car to the school.    
  • Another way of appreciating the staff was monthly rewards to  teachers of Senior and Primary; as well as Bus drivers for maintenance of their buses
  • Mr Morrison also initiated the practice of honoring staff for achieving outstanding results in the IGCSE and As level results on Awards Day

2008 – 2013

  • Mr. Neville Sherman was appointed Principal and Ms. Vijaya Kumari Sathyan was made the Head of Secondary for both girls & boys. Ms. Meta Das was Head of Primary until she left in 2009. The vacancy was filled by Ms. Anjali Balan as Head of Primary. Ms. Mary Kurvilla Supervisor Girls section. Dr. Babu was Supervisor of Boys section.
    Sixth Form - Neetha Shetty  assisted by Ms. Lali  and  later by Ms. Ritika Anand.
  • The leadership ceremony – celebrating and honoring leadership was always special and members of the GEMS Corporate Office and Principals of international schools attended and were highly appreciative of the speeches given by the student leaders.
  • The Class School Council was formed and every student in each class was given a chance to be a leader. 
  • Mr. Neville Sherman brought about a revolution in bringing music and rhythm along with teaching. Interested students were taught the art of drumming using African drums and Mr. Joseph was hired to develop their skills .The students also won the Battle of the Bands several times at interschool events.
  • Mr. Sherman never failed to be present at all the Soccer events and the School teams always returned unbeaten.
  • In Cricket - Kirk and Kyna Vedhsinghe  brother and sister represented the UAE in several International tournaments for the under 19’s. The Best of the Best organised by GEMS witnessed our young girls enter the finals; mention must be made of Shenali Perera who was declared runners’ up in the Junior category. 
  • Graduation for year 11 was different. The event was conducted outside the school in Jebel Ali Resorts and the following year at Meydan Grand Stand.
  • GEMS corporate office Officials attended all these events.

2013 – 2019 

  • Mr. Kingston Gilbert was appointed as Executive Principal and CEO of the School. Ms. Vijaya Kumari Sathyan Vice-Principal and Ms. Lourdina Franco Head of Secondary but was recalled to the Cambridge International School at the end of the academic year. Her position was taken over by Ms. Renny Jose. Ms. Ena Bannerjee took over from Ms. Meta Das as Head of Primary and later left the school and Ms. Chanda Pant was appointed in her place. 

2019 -  To Date

  • Mr. Carl Roberts is currently the new Executive Principal and CEO and a new chapter of leadership has been created as follows:
    Head of School / Deputy CEO – Ms. Vijaya Kumari Sathyan
    Asst. Principal, Primary – Ms. Chanda Pant
    Asst. Principal, Secondary Boys - Ms. Grace Aluoka
    Asst. Principal, Secondary Girls – Ms. Mini Mathew
    Asst. Principal, Pastoral – TBC  
    Asst. Principal, Arabic and Islamic - Mr. Ahmed  Abdelwahab Mohamedali
  • The Multiplus, Primary school and Girls' school has been refurbished and upgraded. The school continues to follow the same traditions as previous years but the House structure has been strengthened and a new pastoral team created. Mr. Carl Roberts has instituted a monthly award to the teachers for raising the bar and the same is given to the admin and support staff. 

    The school is continuing to deliver an excellent education despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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