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Teaching of Arts at The Westminster School, Dubai is like an engine that drives creativity and innovation. The aim of the Art Department is to create a learning environment that stimulates independent inquiry and exploration that results in increased self-confidence and enhances communication skills, as well as improves cognition among the many reasons for why arts in the school is given high importance.

The teaching of the Arts is treated at par with academics, and is given equal importance as the school curriculum, itself. While the positive impact of the arts on academic achievement is worthwhile in itself, it's also the tip of the iceberg when looking at the holistic development of our TWS students. We, at TWS, believe that it creates more successful human beings.

A student who is able to accurately and effectively self-assess, then revise accordingly, has attained independence as a learner. As Shona De Souza, Grade 10 Art and Design student says- “The Westminster School encourages students of all grades to participate in means of creating learning experiences, allowing us to express our creative talent in many ways. The end result of our hard work is always appreciated by the school, and that is the greatest encouragement we need to further develop and express what we love doing the most."



The Westminster School provides its students with a rich musical environment which develops essential musical skills. From early on, our students are exposed to music from all over the world and given opportunities to engage in varied music activities that incorporate the basics elements such as Beat, Rhythm, Dynamics, Tempo and Pitch. The music teachers at TWS guide and steer the students to listen, compose, perform and create music. Music is embedded in classroom activities like story- telling enactments to enhance adaptation and imagination. The spectacular Annual Musical at the end of the year is a splendid opportunity for students to showcase skills developed through the year in the course of their learning journey.

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