TWS Writers Society

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time” is what inspired a dozen of persistent girls to come together and concoct a plan, a plan that aims to bring together students that have a vision for todays' generation; by simply igniting pupils interest in literature.

TWS Writers' Society proudly works towards presenting students views on today's issues, favorite novels and a variety of pensive thoughts in a manner which caters to our audience efficiently, and celestially!

TWS Writers' Society is devoted to helping writers develop their craft and improve their skills as well as encourage students to get creative and present a mix of cultural, modern, traditional as well as classical pieces in each of its monthly issues.

Every issue is packed with often overlooked features such as book reviews, summaries as well as personal views by students, and many more; this boldly illustrated magazine glistens with insight and brings out the hidden talents of TWS. TWS Writers' Society also features tips and exercises on essay writing, short stories, poetry as well as articles, and inspiring prompts, and monthly writing competitions.

This initiative has been successfully running with five published editions, across TWS. A website inclusive of our magazine publications, events and other resources has been launched, as well as our other media platforms to make the magazine more accessible. 

The magazine features some of the best-written pieces of TWS, every month and stands by its motto "Extraordinary Tales, in an Ordinary World".

Below is our year long journey…

First Edition


Second Edition



Third Edition



Fourth Edition



Fifth Edition


Sixth Edition


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