Dress Code

  1. All students are expected to come smartly dressed to school wearing the prescribed uniform.
  2. The school tie and belt must be worn at all times (in house colours).
  3. Students failing to comply with the uniform regulations will be sent home after two warnings are recorded.
  4. All students should refrain from wearing gold ornaments or any other jewelry.
  5. Students should come with hair properly trimmed and combed.
  6. Students are not permitted to tint their hair or have extreme hair styles.
  7. Head Scarves (if worn) should be plain, black or grey, with no lace or fringes and should be white in colour.
  8. Hair (Boys) - To be cut short and combed. No extreme or fancy haircut will be permitted.  
  9. Hair (Girls) - If shoulder length, hair should be tied. Black, grey or school crunchies or fasteners to be used. Long hair to be plaited. Hair should be neat and clean at all time. Frequent checks will be made by the school nurse, who may recommend isolation for an appropriate period.
  10. House coloured tie - Should be of correct length. The tip of the tie should just touch the belt. Top shirt button must be fastened when the tie is worn. The school tie will be worn by all students from at all times.
  11. Overall cleanliness, pressed uniforms and polished shoes are the prerequisites of a smart turn out.
  12. Students should take pride in their uniform as it provides an identity.

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