Age Placement Guide

Age is the first criteria taken into consideration for the placement of students at any year level. This is in accordance with the legislation governing the enrolments of students in private schools in Dubai. Exceptions are possible, where the child would be in a different year group in a school in the United Kingdom but only after careful evaluation has been made by the school and approved by the Executive Principal/CEO.

When you get in touch, make sure you let us know your child's date of birth so we can accurately advise you of our admissions procedures for the various classes.


Age requirement during Admission

Grade/Year Minimum age (31st August) Maximum age ( 31st August)
(for entry) (as a cut-off for this grade)
Pre-KG/FS 1 3 4
KG 1/FS 2 4 5
KG 2/Year 1 5 6
Grade 1/Year 2 6 8
Grade 2/Year 3 Based on the transfer certificate 9
Grade 3/Year 4 10
Grade 4/Year 5 11
Grade 5/Year 6 12
Grade 6/Year 7 13
Grade 7/Year 8 14
Grade 8/Year 9 15
Grade 9/Year 10 17
Grade 10/Year 11 18
Grade 11/Year 12 19
Grade 12/Year 13 20

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