Student Clubs and Organizations

Developing skills in new ways

One of the non-scholastic activities that the School offers is sports and after-school coaching. There are a wide variety of sports to choose from and the school is able to cater to the individual talents and interests of its students.

Specialist Clubs

At the Westminster School we make every effort to understand each individual child’s strengths and aptitude, to see how we can best address them. A range of specialist clubs provide enhanced guidance and training to students, helping them enhance their skills in their particular field of interest. Such focused learning helps students work well in groups, take responsible and independent decisions, and understand better their areas of potential and proficiency.

The specialist clubs at The Westminster School include:

Art and Craft Club

Art and craft specialist club is introduced at an early stage to help the students in the pursuit of artistic and creative excellence.

Environment Club

The Westminster School Environment Club is a part of the United Nation’s Environment Programme and with the Emirates Environment Group. As part of the Club, students participate in various clean up drives, they learn more about the environment and the conservation and management of resources. The students are driven by the enthusiasm to make sure the environment they live in is clean and conducive to learning. This has been extended to recycling waste and cleaning neighbouring public areas.


Multimedia Club

For students who wish to empower themselves with advanced ICT skills, specialist training in provided through the Multimedia club. TWS boasts of a studio which is being updated with all requirements for the smooth functioning of the TWS Radio and the TWS Newsroom.  The Multimedia club leaders also lead whole school events related to same. The school boasts of 2 Microsoft student ambassadors who take a lead in events, like the SWAY festival.

Cultural Club

The cultural club at TWS, gives students multiple opportunities to perform, connect and empower themselves. Students are mapped against their talent and provided a platform through the various events at school, like the Carnival, Edupulse, Talentestic, Shakespeare.

Literary Club

Word smart students are presented many opportunities to further enhance their literary skills. The Wordpeckers (from year 6 upwards) ensures that our exceptional writers are provided a platform for free expression. Students are also provided opportunities to connect with writers / authors through the Book Fairs and Author visits to the school. They also connect with students around the world and comment on their work.

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