TEDxYouth @ TWSDubai

The Westminster School, Dubai, is an innovative learning platform with out-of-the-box thinkers of innovative ideas ready to spark a change.  Each year TWS takes a deep dive into the world of the inspirational thoughts and different viewpoints that change our perspective about everything. This program is designed in the spirit of spreading “ideas worth sharing” and to give people the platform to inspire and gain the extraordinary TED-like experience on a global stage at a locally-organized event.

After the success of our TEDxTWSDubaiLive event held on 18 February 2016 and the Youth@TWSDubai on November 21, 2016, we decided to go for TEDxWomen not live to present our brilliant speakers and their ideas capable of creating a momentous impact on the world. Our target is to motivate our communities by bringing forward the best of the best ideas that will stir a transformational change within them. We believe that strength lies in celebrating differences and constructing the people. This way not only will we spread awareness on a large scale but shape a better future for all of us.

The step towards innovation is only taken by the bold. It is all about bringing in new ideas and becoming a part of a change that requires relentless explorations, frequently motivating oneself and rising up to meet even the toughest of challenges.  So, we extend our invitation to everybody who wishes to challenge the conventional mindset and truly help in shaping the tomorrow.

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TEDxYouth@TWSDubai (2018)

TEDxYouth@TWSDubai (2019)



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