Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy

The School

We are an International school that belongs to the well-established Global Education Management Systems (GEMS), pioneers in the field of education in the UAE.

The school teaches the British Curriculum to students from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 13. The school prepares students to take the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) course and the Advance Subsidiary (AS Level) and ‘A’ Level (GCE) Examination of the University of Cambridge, U.K.

 Admissions Policy

Who We Serve

The Westminster School serves the educational needs of the local and international community in Dubai and the surrounding emirates of Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain, in particular the children of foreign nationals here on employment for whom the local UAE education system is not a viable option.

 We currently have 68 nationalities. We are proud of our diverse cultural mix and the truly international flavour this brings to our school. We are a non-sectarian, co-educational institution and welcome boys and girls of all nationalities, religions and cultures.

TWS is committed to inclusion. The school provides equal opportunities to all students and promotes wholesome development.

At The Westminster School, we are in line with the Federal Law 29 (2006) and Law no 2 (2014) regarding the education and outcomes of individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We also ensure that students of Determination will receive “sibling priority” for admission.

 We provide high quality education to all the children who attend the school. The school has high expectations of effort and success from all children. We believe that our children, including those identified as having “additional needs” have a common entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum.

School Information

Prospective students and parents should be familiar with the school’s program and facilities. A broad outline on the school is available on the school website. The school’s registration office may be contacted for detailed information and guidelines for admission. School tours are arranged on prior appointments by the admission staff.


The school year begins in early September and is divided into two terms, the first of which ends in late December and the second in mid-June.

Student enrollments are done quite early, beginning as early as October. We have two streams in our admissions process: one for the siblings of the students already enrolled in school and the second for those new entrants who wish to join from other schools/abroad.


Admission is broadly based on a review of the students’ records of past performance, age, acceptable performance on the school’s screening assessments and class numbers.

 Admission to all classes is also governed by a set of guidelines from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), UAE. Documents of each student are verified by the officials every academic session to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

 If basic eligibility requirements are fulfilled, students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.  The siblings of the existing students are prioritized .When demand exceeds availability; students will be placed in a wait pool until space becomes available. 

 We recognize the importance of identification as early as possible, followed by intervention for any child who may have special education needs. Case history intake sheet placed at the entry level to aid in the early identification of students with special needs. The medical reports submitted during the interview is purely for early intervention and to ensure that the student is taken care of at the entry point.         

Identification is carried out through the 3 wave model.

 Eligibility Requirement


Age is the first criteria taken into consideration for the placement of students at any grade level. The Ministry has prescribed age limits for each class. Exceptions are possible, but only after careful evaluations have been made by the school.

When you get in touch, make sure you let us know your child's date of birth so we can accurately advise you of our admissions procedures for the various classes.


English is the language of instruction in all grades, and the ability to successfully access the curriculum within a reasonable time is the guiding principle for admission to the school.  Hence the assessment of English becomes essential.

 Students who lack in the necessary English language skills, in the primary levels, are assessed on the basis of their performance in Mathematics. This gives an insight into the child’s capability in numeracy.

In the younger grades, a start in the English language curriculum is usually sufficient for children to quickly develop proficient English language skills. On this basis, children may be admitted to our Foundation Stage 2 (ages 4-5) and our Primary School (Grades 1 - 4) regardless of their level of English proficiency. However, parents of children applying for grades 5 to 8 are advised that basic competence in English is generally required in order to successfully benefit from the academic programme.  At the high school level (grades 9 - 13), a fairly high degree of competency in English and Mathematics is expected. 


Registration and admission for the Academic Year starting September 2016 is done online through the school website ( Admissions to classes depend upon vacancies in those classes. There will be an entrance assessment prior to accepting the student.

Foundation Stage 2 (FS 2)

As per National Curriculum for England expectations, for admission to Foundation Stage 2, the child must be 4 years old on or before 1st September 2017 but not later than 31st December 2017 at the time of admission. The maximum age limit  is extended until 5 years only.

As per the DSIB recommendations, it is mandatory that the child to be enrolled in a Nursery for at least 6 months to 1 year. This is applicable to all children on the waiting list, including siblings and staff childrenYear 1

Year 1

As per National Curriculum for England expectations, for admission to Year 1, the child should be 5 years on or before 1st September 2017 but not later than 31st December at the time of admission. The maximum age limit is extended till 6 years only. Admission is granted on the basis of an entrance assessments in English and Mathematics followed by an interview with the member of the Senior Management Team or the Phase Leaders or the Phase Managers or the Head of SEND.

Year 2-11

Admission is granted on the basis of an entrance assessments in English and Mathematics. Admissions in these Years also require an interview with a member of the Senior Management Team or the Phase Leaders or the Phase Managers or the Head of SEND.

Year 12 - AS Level & Year 13 - A Level: This issolely under the purview of the Head of Sixth Form and preference is given to the existing students of the school who are outstanding performers at the IGCSE Level. Examinations. Students from other schools are rarely welcomed due to limited availability of seats.

New students must settle the registration and admission fee and the relevant term’s tuition fee, prior to enrollment in order for the student to commence classes. 

Documents required at the time when the Admission is confirmed:

  • Two copies of the student's passport with a valid U.A.E. residence visa.
  • Two copies of the student’s birth certificate (in Arabic or English).
  • Two copies of the student’s Emirates ID Card (both sides).
  • Two copies each of (father and mother) passport with a valid U.A.E. residence visa.
  • Two copies each of (father and mother) Emirates ID Card (both sides).
  • For students coming from other Emirates and Oversees transfer: Original Emirates ID Card for any one of the parent and the student for scanning on the Emirates ID card reader. The Emirates ID cards will be returned to the parent immediately after the scanning is completed in the registration department.
  • Three recent passport size photographs on white background.
  • Two copies of the current immunization record in English.
  • Two copies of the school final report for all children entering Year 1 and above (in English).
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school:
     a) In the case of transfer from Dubai Schools, please provide the KHDA Transfer Reference Number.
     b) In the case of transfer from other Emirates other than Dubai, the Transfer Certificate
        should be duly attested by the Educational authority of the respective Emirate.
     c) In the case of Overseas transfer, from countries other than USA, UK, Australia, Canada,
        Europe and New Zealand, the Transfer Certificate should be duly attested by:
          (i) District Educational Officer/Ministry of Education (from the country migrating from).
          (ii) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (from the country migrating from).
          (iii) UAE Embassy/ Consulate (from the country migrating   from).

Please note: The Westminster School, Dubai will accept and consider applications with all required documents. All outstanding documents must be provided within ONE month of admission to the school. Admission will be confirmed only on the submission of all the documents to the School and will be subject to Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) approval.