Student Code of Conduct

Language, Behaviour, and Dress Code

All students are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined  manner in all places at all times and project the good name of their school by their courteousness, manners,  deportment and conversation.  Students should be kind and considerate and co-operate with their fellow students and teachers at all times. The wholehearted co-operation of the parents is expected at all times in the formation of character of their children. As the student progresses from the lower to the higher classes, he/she will be given increasing opportunities to shift from conforming to externally imposed order to self-imposed order and self-imposed discipline.

Language Policy

Most parents will have chosen our school because they want their children to become fluent in English. A majority will not speak English at home.

Therefore, the successful teaching of English language will be high priority. Fluency in English is the key to students’ success in the rest of the curriculum, in their external examinations, and in preparation for entry to university courses taught in English.

Their success will depend on two factors, the quality of teaching & learning in ‘English’, but also their increasing fluency in the use of English throughout the school day. Each of these factors requires careful planning and execution. All teachers have a responsibility to enhance students’ skills in English listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking.

School Behaviour

  1. Students should greet guests, visitors and members of the staff politely and show them due respect.
  2. Every student should endeavour to keep high tone and good name of the school by excelling in fine manners and deportment.
  3. Students are required to display good manners, be polite and courteous to one another and avoid the use of objectionable language.
  4. Listen when a member of the staff asks you for silence and attention.
  5. Show particular respect for all cultural backgrounds.
  6. Insubordination, immorality, vandalism, smoking, substance abuse and any form of violence leads to immediate suspension from school.
  7. Money should not be lent or borrowed and articles should not be exchanged or sold in the school premises.
  8. It is the responsibility of each and every student to keep the classroom, and the school campus clean. All litter should be deposited in the dustbins, which have been provided for this purpose, in the classrooms and at several points in the corridors and campus.
  9. Bringing of obscene material is strictly prohibited and punishable.
  10. Students are permitted to bring their own device ONLY with prior permission from the    concerned authority. Mobiles/3G devices are not permitted. 
  11. Malpractice such as copying and cheating or even being in possession of objectionable material during tests/assessments will lead to cancellation of the paper.
  12. Segregation of boys and girls of years 5 - 11 is followed by order of the Ministry of Education.
  13. The use of the canteen is only permitted during break time.
  14. The use of the office telephone by students is restricted to emergencies and with the permission of the Head of section or Deputy Head of Section. 
  15. Chewing gum is not permitted in school. 
  16. Students are not permitted to bring fire crackers of any sort to school. Bringing such items to school is punishable.

Dress Code

  1. All students are expected to come smartly dressed to school wearing the prescribed uniform.
  2. The school tie and belt must be worn at all times.
  3. Students failing to comply with the uniform regulations will be sent home after two warnings are recorded in the school diary.
  4. All students should refrain from wearing gold ornaments or any other jewellery.
  5. Students should come with hair properly trimmed and combed.
  6. Students are not permitted to tint their hair, nor use hair gel.
  7. Head Scarves (if worn) should be plain, with no lace or fringes and should be white in colour.
  8. Hair (Boys) - To be cut short and combed. No fancy haircut will be permitted.  No use of gel.
  9. Hair (Girls) - If shoulder length, hair should be tied. White ribbons or fasteners to be used. Long hair to be plaited. Hair should be neat and clean at all time. Frequent checks will be made by the school nurse, who may recommend isolation for an appropriate period.
  10. Tie - Should be of correct length. The tip of the tie should just touch the belt. Top shirt button must be fastened when the tie is worn. The school tie will be worn by all students from 1st November onwards to the end of the Second Term.
  11. Overall cleanliness, pressed uniforms and polished shoes are the prerequisites of a smart turn out.
  12. Students should take pride in their uniform as it provides an identity.


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