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Higher education guidance

Higher Education Guidance

The Westminster School aims at providing students a strong foundation by guiding them through the transition from youth to adult members of the society. Successful transitions – whether from lower secondary to upper secondary; at age 16; into work-based training or university; are life-enhancing for every student. We believe that each transition is smooth and enriching for students, which help them to make a wise decision about their higher education goals.

Career Guidance programs at The Westminster School helps students to set goals and take appropriate decisions related to their desired careers. The focus is to guide students right from the secondary school about the different career field and prepare them for future life. The school provides following service in the area of Career Guidance-

Career Fair - Universities and Educational Consultancies across UAE as well as Universities from different countries participates in the event. Students, Parent and Teachers get an opportunity to meet, interact and extract information about different courses across the global. It also aims at increasing students’ awareness about international universities within and outside UAE and the preparation needed for university application.

Individual Counselling - One-to-one sessions offered by the Counsellor to help students in creating and implementing their own career plans and in developing a greater sense of self-awareness relevant to the career development process.

Career Workshops - Throughout the academic year, the schools arranges a range of interactive workshops to equip students with the needed skills and to prepare them for higher education. Workshops include:

  • Common Application – how to prepare for it
  • University Application Procedure
  • E – Portfolio
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Preparing for IELTS Examination
  • Insight into Admission from University Perspective and Information about UCAS
  • Entry level examination – Preparing for SAT

Universities / Consultancies Presentation - Different universities and educational consultancies visit the school to orient students about their universities and consultancies. The courses and service offered by them. Also, information about eligibility criteria, entrance exams, expenditure and time of application is given to students.

Universities Visit - Field trip to Universities are arranged for students, to give them a feel of university life and campus. Also, students participate in a variety of competition organized by Universities.

In-house Support - Students are assisted in their application for UCAS and Common Application.


Entry Level to Grade 10

  1. A detailed Student Orientation, where they are oriented by the Subject Heads about different subjects and Career they can aspire for, through their choice of subjects.
  2. A session for the students, where the Student Counsellor conducts an Orientation Programme to orient them about the importance of a Career in life and how Aptitude testing can help them to make a wise decision. To facilitate this, an online link (which help students to know about their interest level and career path) is sent to Grade 8 students.
  4. Senior student’s orient students about the subjects offered and answer any possible queries that the students may have in regards to subjects and choices to be made.
  5. Interaction with senior staff and subject specialists giving students an opportunity to clear their doubts about any particular concerns they have related to specific subjects.
  6. Parent Orientation, where the parents are oriented about the procedure of application, for subject selection. They also get an opportunity to meet representatives from Educational Consultancies, to clear their doubt about a particular career field.


Entry Level to Sixth Form

  1. Orientation for Students, where they are oriented about the subjects offered in Sixth Form. The eligibility criteria in terms of grades, work experience, extra circular activities etc. are explained in detail to the students.
  2. Parent Orientation, where they are oriented about subjects offered in Sixth Form, eligibility criteria, required documents (E – portfolio & Work Experience), entry level grades, Examination details are explained.

On these days, there will be a lot more to a university education than obtaining a world class qualification alone. Here's how we prepare our students for university and the world of work:

  1. Development of employability skills: It's not just a degree employers look for. A GEMS student gains self-confidence, communication, initiative, team work and time management skills.
  2. Interest and experience in their future study courses: Have a look at how we prepare our Alumni for their university courses before they leave school.
  3. Improved career prospects: A higher education is a gateway to jobs in the future. Many organisations around the world employ GEMS Alumni. With tens of thousands of contacts all over the world, your child will find a connection wherever their career takes them.
  4. Development of personal and social skills: GEMS Core Values have been part of our DNA for over 55 years. With a GEMS education, your child will not just become a conscientious student, they'll also gain the confidence and independence to thrive at home, university and at work.

Whether we are lucky enough to teach your child for a few years or many more, the lessons they learn at GEMS will remain with them for the rest of their lives.